Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project 52 - 16th and 17th date

The 16th date - I had come up with a few different ideas of what to do for date night. Unfortunately, the things I had hoped to do didn't work out for this date. I will save them up for next time. We were so worn out by the time it got to date time anyway it didn't matter. We had spent our Saturday working outside in the yard and chasing after kids.

I would like to say that we did something as exciting as the light painting from our 15th date, but we didn't. We spent the date with a cup of tea and watching more of Grand Designs on DVD as we did on our fourth date. It is such a great series. The personalities on it can be a bit frustrating at times. It is quite inspiring though because one day we dream of building our own grand design (of some description).

The 17th date - We have had such a crazy couple of weeks... Back down to Melbourne for a clinic visit with Amelia at the big building and our 10th wedding anniversary! And of course it was Mother's day on Sunday. So our date night, Saturday night, ended up being spent with my in-laws in town, to celebrate Mother's day.

We had pizza and sat around and talked and had a relaxing time. Amazingly, the kids were well behaved even though it was night time and was quite late by the time we got home. It's pretty rare these days that all of Tim's family are in the one place at the one time. And it's pretty rare that we go out at night, even with the kids in tow.

Our 10th wedding anniversary - I would love to say that we had a "real date" for this but we didn't. We had a steak dinner with our little darlings at home. Tim gave me a bunch of flowers and I made him a little book of why I love him. Life has turned out a lot differently to the way I imagined it would be by 2010 but I wouldn't have it any other way. (Love you, Tim)

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  1. happy anniversary. Real date or not it sounded nice and sweet.

  2. happy 10th anniversary! wow! 10 years! you should be giving me marriage advice! :) thanks for sharing!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}