Saturday, May 29, 2010


Why does inspiration hit at 11.37pm? Last night I didn't get started doing my own thing until after 10pm because those darling children of ours wouldn't settle and I kept falling asleep doing Amelia's physio. That would probably tell a regular person to go to bed at 10pm. Not me though. I get too busy when I am tired. And by busy I mean not very effective or efficient.

I started off sewing a button onto the note book and pen cover I have made for Ellamay's birthday. That was supposed to fill in my time while I had a cup of tea before bed. Then I decided to get some sewing things ready for the kids to try out today. I cut up some plastic canvas and found the packet of plastic sewing needles. All I have for them to use for their sewing is a cheap packet of embroidery cottons so I decided to wind that onto card to make it easier to use.

Then I looked over at the box kitchen sink I had been working on during the day so I put down the cotton winding to go and paint the coat hanger door handle silver. While I did that, I was thinking about the secret stitching I have on the project list at the moment so I washed the paint up and went and got out my inspiration folder and searched out a pattern for letters, only to find that they were totally wrong.

I put that away after finding one or three more things that I had forgotten about and now really want to make again and then went back to winding. I REALLY wanted to start the stitching project but it was time to go to bed.

I should have had my visual diary out to write some lists in instead of all the running around. I am surprised I achieve anything. I should have gone to bed.

I hope to upload a bunch of photos today so I'll talk soon.

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