Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The big building

Today we went to the 'big building'. Actually it is the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. It was time for Amelia's clinic appointment.
Amelia has Cystic Fibrosis. I have been trying to decide whether or not to talk about this on here. But you know what? This is our life. We are living this and so I am going to talk about it here. Sometimes things are okay. Sometimes they are not.
So anyway today, we went to the 'big building'. (Esther and Ellamay named it this - it is a big building.) Amelia had a check up with her specialist. This visit was great! Amelia is healthy. Her lungs were sounding good and the doctor was very happy.
As part of Amelia's ongoing treatment, she has been using a strong saline solution in a nebuliser pump twice a day since September, to help with mucus clearance. Today the doctor said that we could go back to just once a day for a week and if all was well then she could finish using it altogether for the moment. Hooray! Go Amelia!
It was taking up to 20 minutes each treatment before and now we are in sight of the finish (for the moment). I couldn't be happier about this. It will mean the work load will cut back a bit until she needs it again. And Amelia will be VERY happy not to have to be on there.
We are very worn out now. It's about two and a half hours to Melbourne. It is a big day once we go down, see all the people we have to see and then turn around and make the trip home.
The kids are all in bed asleep. Amelia has had her physio. And I am trying to catch up on this blog. It's been a bit neglected. I hope to be back tomorrow with a Project 52 and maybe a crafty thing. Finally.

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