Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Visual diary

In the beginning of the Crisis, I made a list of my Resolutions for 2010. One of them was to start using the visual diary and fineliners I had bought. Well, I have been using them. I am not an artist and I struggle to get what is in my head onto my page, but I am working on it. I guess I don't really care that it is just a lot of scribble because it is developing ideas. And I am satisfied knowing that the great idea that I had the other day is recorded and I can work on it more rather than forgetting things in the busyness of life.
This page has a few ideas scribbled down about the cloud mobile that I wanted to make. I had a general idea and I worked on it in the book before it came to doing anything.
When things have been too busy or the kids are sick or if don't feel like getting out projects to work on, I can just get out my book and scribble away. It is a quick hit of creativity and a great way to remember what I am up to. I hope if I keep it up, that my drawing abilities (or lack thereof) will of course improve. In the meantime, this is what my book looks like. It makes me feel clever. And that makes me feel good.

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