Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rewards chart

What a hectic few weeks it's been. Aside from all the other regular frustrations, its been frustrating not being able to sit down and update the Crisis. I thought my first post back after this break had better be the (nearly) complete canvas I started quite a while ago.

We have the usual kid troubles where our little darlings won't do their bit of cleaning up their toys and routine things without it turning into a big drama. So I wanted to try out a rewards chart. I have seen plenty of variations around but they mainly cater for only one child per chart. I wanted one that would suit all three kids. I used a large canvas and measured up a grid on there to suit. I painted it up in Esther(pink), Ellamay(purple) and Amelia(green) colours.
After making sure our house was looking the way it should ;-) I took photos of the areas that I would like expect the kids to do as their jobs. I took photos of each of the girls too. I printed all the pictures and covered them in clear contact. I used adhesive Velcro to attach the job photo to the canvas. The same with the kids faces (the reward token).
In theory, everything is the way it should be. In practice though...

I still have an awful lot of kids faces to cut out. I didn't do the sums, in the beginning, to work out how many faces I would need to cover the whole chart. Supposing that the kids would ever do enough to need all those faces/tokens. Anyway, I will keep trying to get the kids to do their jobs. I think I will take off a couple of the photos of the jobs and sweeten the deal a little so they might actually do something. I just need to remember to make it part of our routine. If all else fails, bribery is the way to go.

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