Thursday, May 13, 2010

My first camera

This is my first ever camera. I got it for a birthday present or maybe Christmas when I was about 12. It was purchased from the local newsagency in the toy section. I think it was about $15. That was heaps of money back then (in the olden days). After seeing so much about plastic toy camera's around the internet lately, I asked Mum to dig this out for me. We weren't even sure if was still around.
It's so funny that Mum had to write this message on the back. I wasted quite a bit of film by forgetting to take off that lens cap.
I had a look on ebay for prices on 126 film because I thought it might be fun to try it out again... now that I am grown up and have taken thousands more photos since back then. Doesn't really matter though, at least I can look at it on the shelf. It looks pretty. I will have to dig out the photos from back in the day and scan them and post them. Have a happy day and keep warm.  :-)


  1. I don't remember that EVER having film in it. I used to play with it without.
    Meanwhile, Brad is beside me and comments "you could sell that... for a buttload!" He has a way with words.

  2. It only had film a couple of times because it cost so much to buy it, then to get it processed and it had to be taken into to town... you get the idea. Don't want to sell it. It is much more fun to look at than the money for it would be.