Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Starting a New Year. A great gift. I figure since I sort of spoke about New Years Resolutions in my last post, perhaps I should record a list (dangerous I know) about some things I want to achieve this year.

- Learn to crochet
- Improve my sewing
- Make some kind of embroided cushion
- Start doodling in a book (I bought myself a A5 Visual Diary today) and make fun pictures because drawing with fine liners is fun
- Improve my photography.
- Make myself some skirts. They would be A-line of course.
- Start wearing flowers in my hair again. They would have to be well placed to cover the grey that seems to be creeping through my hair though...
- The usual - Get healthy
- Be a better Mum
- Be a better Wife
- Get my house decluttered and beautiful

That about covers it really. I want achieve stuff this year that has been on hold while the kids have been around so much. I would love to make things different in lots of ways. So I had better start small.

Get off the computer...

Something happy... Fine liners and a fresh new book to draw in.

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