Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainy today

It's been raining all day today. I do love it when it rains. We haven't had enough of it here for such a long time so when it rains all day it feels like a big deal. All I really wanted to do today was curl up on the couch under a quilt and do some stitching. Of course, Amelia wouldn't let me do that and I was supposed to be doing things. Not that I got very far with all that.

In other news, Waylon the cat sat on her cozy pillow on the front verandah.

The firewood got wet.

And the puddles got bigger and bigger.

It was Esther and Ellamay's last day of term today. I had to pick them up early and since then, they have been eating their afternoon tea and complaining about being bored. I hope things improve for the next two weeks while they are home. I have got some kids crafting coming up, which I will post some time. I hope I will be able to catch up a bit with the Crisis. I have been sick and am finding it hard to get my energy levels back. 

Amelia has come down with another cough so hopefully we can get her onto some different antibiotics soon. Can't come soon enough for my liking. And we will have to get back to nebuliser pump treatment too. Amelia has had maybe a month off from this treatment which has been a nice break. Back to reality now though.

More later...

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  1. thanks for popping into my blog and commenting on the barbie apron tutorial!

    good luck with yours! and please share a pic when you get them done! :)