Monday, June 14, 2010


I don't understand the fascination with the moustache. For some reason though, they are everywhere on the internet. I wonder who started it? Anyway, I have to admit, they do amuse me. It's kinda strange that people make so many different things with them. I see them and I think, "No, I don't think a cushion shaped like a moustache would suit my house's style but funny that somebody made it." Or, "No, my jewellery collection does not need a ring with a moustache on it but I wonder what occasion one would wear that?" And so here I am, just finished a stitching project full of moustache's. And I have smiled the whole way through.

 My arty sister just had a birthday and since she is amused by moustache's I wanted to make something funny to go with the canvas' I had bought for her present. I saw this pattern on One Pretty Thing and knew I would have to have a go at stitching it.

(100 mm - 4 inches)

After a great suggestion from Kelly, my sister-in-law, I turned this small hoop (above) into a brooch. As a brooch, it is so big and ridiculous - I love it!

(150 mm - 6 inches)

(200 mm - 8 inches)

We gave my sister her presents on Sunday and she wore the moustache brooch for the afternoon while we were there. Hopefully, they bring a few smiles. And hopefully she can get some mileage out of the silliness of them. To me that is what they are all about. The reaction of people "Oh my! You have moustache's hanging in your house!"

I use to think that embroidery was all about flowers, old houses and cute animals but I have come across so many different ideas about stitching since I have been looking at crafty stuff on the internet. I have been scribbling up ideas for some more projects that I would like to attempt. And hanging things in embroidery hoops is a cheap way of framing a project too.

We are slowly getting our groove back here. Last week was a tough week. Ellamay was sick most of the week, Esther was at the start and I was under the weather all week too. I hope to get some more posts done in the next few days. I have more birthday posts to catch up on and a couple of other projects to show as well. School holidays start at the end of next week. I will have to hurry up and finish up my current projects because it will be all kids crafts once those holidays hit.

Have a moustachio kind of day :-)

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