Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Barbie stuff

So my brain has been a little preoccupied with Barbie dolls lately. How very frustrating when I am trying to get ideas on how to finish the stitching project that I started after the moustache's. It would seem that I am having a break from my projects at the moment because the kids are on school holidays.

Anyway, as you can see from the above photo, I made a home for the Barbie's to live in. Actually, it's more of a room. I bought a box for storing glassware in from the hardware shop to use for this. It is two layers of box instead of one and I thought it would stand up better to the wear and tear the kids would throw at it. It's covered in wood grain contact to make it pretty and give it even more strength. I also put some of that on the 'floor'. I found Barbie contact at Target the other week which they were clearing at 56 cents a roll so I bought a few. That's where the stickers are from. And I used scraps of photo mat board for the walls to make them nice (except for the joins... gotta think up a way to hide that).

See that thing Barbie is sitting on? Couch. Hmm... yep had to have a go at making one didn't I. Silly, silly me. Trying to make small furniture when children are around asking if its finished and trying to make it something special when it didn't need to be... Let's just say I spent a very frustrating afternoon on it!

It started like this. Scrap photo mat board again. And a dodgy hot glue gun.

Before I glued the back on, I stuffed the box section with scrunched up newspaper to stop it from getting squashed should somebody stand on it.

I covered it with a couple of layers of an old polar fleece baby blanket to give it a little padding and then tried my best to get the fabric on. The fabric is actually a tea towel I found in my fabric stash. It's all hot glued. Blerk. I had so much glue stuck on my fingers when I finished this! This is what I was thinking about doing when I started out. I made the cushions the same way. As you can see, I didn't really follow the picture at all. Except for the cushions, of course. Note to self: If you are going to make small furniture for your children to play with again, either go with the simple recycling boxes and containers idea or make it at night after all the kids are ASLEEP!

When I googled furniture for Barbie, I also found this. I might study this a bit more and see if inspiration hits. I should probably add at this time that all three kids ended up playing with other things after I made the stuff for them. I am glad we haven't spent any extra money on the Barbie's just yet. Probably those Barbie's just need more stuff to cosy up the room to get the kids interested.  You know like a bit more furniture, some pictures for the walls - that sort of thing!

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