Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Frosty day

Monday morning was frosty. It was minus 3 degrees Celsius. That's pretty cold people! Can you tell we don't get it this cold here very often? Something I love to do when we manage a frost is to rug up and go out to take random photos. Especially using the macro and super macro settings on my camera. I pretend to know something and sometimes my photos turn out cool. (Pardon that pun!)

I love to take photos of spider webs.

Flowers are good posers too.

Did I mention spider webs? I uploaded about 13 spider web photos to flickr and thought it might be a bit much to put them all on here. I was tempted though.

Our car window. I love the frosty patterns.

It was very wintery here yesterday again. I hope today will be more inviting to go outside. Then I will be able to kick the kids out to play for a while. (HOORAY!) Yesterday they did a whole lot of making and managed to cover the whole floor with stuff. I like them to be making things but when there is not a clear path through the house... that's a bit much! I have pretty much given up on having a tidy house for the school holidays. The three girls together are like the Tassie Devil on the cartoons!

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  1. Love these front photos - the flower one is stunning. Last winter I spent hours looking for frosty cobwebs and didn't find any (must be because I'm too good at cleaning - hahahaha!) - so I'm very envious of yours. Lovely!