Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday drawing sets

Here is some more birthday presents for Esther and Ellamay. I found a couple of tutorials online and followed them. And by following I mean hardly even glanced at the actual instructions. I have a habit of not reading instructions and kind of just winging it. Hence the reason I had to unpick the blue one when I finished it - almost completely. And the reason why they are not the same size. I tend to be in a hurry when I am sewing and that makes for a pretty average finished project sometimes. I could have gotten away with it if I hadn't made two of them :-). I wanted the drawing book to fit into the cover in a different way to the tutorials though and that is where I kind of lost the plot.

Here they are open with their new fineliners and A5 drawing book. I am hoping they will like them. I got them the same fineliners as I have because they won't stop using mine!

These books, I bought from the Book Depository. Ed Emberley books are so great! I would have loved these when I was a kid. The books show how to draw pictures from shapes and lines. It makes drawing look so easy.

Hopefully, these and the little baskets that I remade, will be exciting things for Esther and Ellamay to get for their birthday. I do have one or two other things too.

I should stop typing and go to bed. It's late. And I have a cold and my head is sore. And I keep using "and" a lot. Goodnight.


PS - UPDATE on Jemima. I forgot to mention this sooner. Jemima was found at school on Monday morning after spending a cold weekend face down on the office bench. Jemima, Ellamay and the rest of us are very glad she is home.

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  1. These are beaut! The girls will like them I'm sure.

    I might take a little inspiration and make a rolling thingo for my paint brushes. The flat one I have is getting too chunky to put in my backpack.

    Anyway, pretty!