Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gardener Amelia

While on Flickr recently, I saw a great idea of using an egg carton to make a little garden with carrots and flowers (Find the blog post here). I thought this would be a fun thing to do with Amelia while the kids were at school some time.

We made our version of it today. It took a few sessions but it was fun and distracted both of us for the day. Above is the wheel barrow made from a printer cartridge box, empty ribbon spool and lots of straws and sticky tape. And of course there is the gardener. I used a photo of Amelia's face and cut it out and drew a body (I am no artist). I covered it in clear book contact (self adhesive cover) and cut it out. I made a stand for it using just a strip of paper with a couple of slits in it. Perfect.

The flowers are made from paper cupcake liners with a straw sticky taped on. There is a box for a chicken house.

Amelia loved this little bucket I made from part of an egg carton and a pipe cleaner. The yellow chicken feed is just some tissue paper cut into tiny pieces (because I am silly and now have to vacuum my floor).

I drew some pesky chickens, that liked to scratch in the garden. I made them in the same way as I made Gardener Amelia. Covered in the clear contact. It gives them strength so they can be played with and makes the pen drawings not rub or run. As I said, not really an artist. We made trees too. Amelia liked helping with that one because she is quite good at screwing up paper :-)

And here is Amelia, cleaning out the chicken house. We also made a water tank which was a small box on a stand made from straws.

When Esther and Ellamay got home from school they wanted to know where Gardener Esther and Gardener Ellamay were. So guess what I should be doing right now? Yep, making some. This craft was great because it continued to be fun all day. Amelia played with it for ages. I had to do a lot of the making for it with Amelia because she is only little but older kids would have fun with it too.


  1. These are great! The chooks are my favourite. You should do something about chooks. Aplique perhaps? :)

    You oughta make the bottoms of the gardeners and chooks little triangles, instead of slits of paper. They might last longer.

  2. I used a triangle base for the Gardener Amelia but just used the straight bases for the chooks because they were too little.
    They are all still floating around the house too. The trees are gone. Shredded actually. Little darlings :-)

    And yes, something chooky might be fun... I will think on that one.

  3. I think I had wrote my coment :P (where is my brain please? hehehe).

    I said you that I'm in love of your craft, is better tham mine and I would love, love to share in my blog.

    Hugs and thanks to share with me (and sorry for my terrible english).
    meni :)

  4. I think your english is great! Glad you like the garden we made. It was such a great idea. I am happy for you to share on your blog. Thanks for visiting.