Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look who's come to stay

Barbie. Well, Barbie's actually. Esther and Ellamay got one each for their birthday. They are pretty excited about that. Now I am hearing about how they need all these clothes and accessories. I declared just the other day that I would not be making any clothes for them because I thought they would be too small and fiddly and then I saw how much they cost. We shall see.

It seems these Barbie's are going to have to learn some decency at least. They are already so comfortable they seem to be always in the nude! Have to do something about that. Don't be surprised if you see a few Barbie type things going on here in the near future. Just warning you.

At the moment, they are unnamed so I will have to suggest the girls come up with suitable names. And don't you love that "play with" look their hair is sporting already?


  1. Congrats on the new additions to your play family ! As an adult doll hobbyist, I love sewing for mine. While you can still find new Simplicity and McCall's patterns for Babs and co. - just wait for the 99c sales, of course ! - here's a list of some of my favorite free Barbie pattern sites. Hope you can use a few ! - I love this site. Carol's a doll, and there's lotsa freebies. - These work up great, and the pieces aren't too tiny. - not exactly clothes patterns, but many good paper props, from radios to Chinese take-out boxes. - the ultimate in 21st Century design, just for Barbie...her very own snuggie ! - Spiral skirts for you, the girls, and Barbie. Haven't tried this one, but the next one... - there's two patterns here that both work up great ! - this one's also adorable !

    My site has some crafts and pattern-free sewing projects for many doll sizes, from watch-band belts to peasant blouses, so feel free to visit ! You already have the link to the screens design you inspired, but here's the main site. Menu's on the left -

    My favorite pattern is a vintage Barbie one - designed for kids to use with help from Mommy ! You can still find Advance A (also known as 9938) on eBay for about five bucks. See if the 'Barbie Sewing Book' is included, it's a leaflet describing sewing terms to kids, and completely charming.

    Oh, and sometimes Dollar Tree gets in Barbie-size clothes, and I often find dressed dolls and doll clothes at the usual thrift stores, junk shops, and yard sales. I don't think Mattel's gotten any money from me in months, but I've bought a dozen dolls this year already !

    Hope something in this book-level post helps !

  2. Wow! Thanks so much. I was planning on checking back on your site now that we have the new additions to see if I was going to brave making some things. I will definately (eventually) be making some of your screens. I'd like to link it all back to your site too if that's okay. Great idea about the cheap shops and such. Thanks for all these links! I will be getting up to date on all things barbie after the kids are in bed tonight :-)

  3. (bows to you) I'd be honored for the link ! And love to have you look around my scatter-shot site. I don't think I have anything objectionable there - no swear words or nude dolls, of course - beyond my bad photography, so you can probably visit with one or all the girls looking over your shoulders !

    If you end up ordering Advance A, (you can find several of the Advance line on eBay under 'Advance Barbie Pattern') and it doesn't have the Barbie Sewing Book, let me know. Be glad to send you a scan of mine. Pattern's been out of print since 1965, so I doubt I'm breaking any copyright regulations.

    Hope you had fun in Barbie's world last night ! I'm thinking of adding the new 'Monsters High' dolls soon - if I do, there'll be reviews on the site. Laters !