Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Canon 500d

I have loved taking photos since I was a kid with my first camera. I have always wanted to get a good camera, an SLR, and learn how to use it. Tim decided that I needed to get one before our trip to Canberra this month. How excited was I when we went to the appliance shop on the weekend to 'look' at cameras and we ended up buying one!

This is what I got. (Photo from the Canon website) I love it. Mine has a twin lens kit which is obviously more impressive than just one though I couldn't tell you the particulars :-) I am still trying to work out all the buttons and the dials but it is fabulous. I can't wait to get on and take some holiday snaps. I have a few weeks before our holiday so I have to read up the manual and my photography books to get some ideas on what to do.

As far as photography books go, I got the Bryan Peterson book in the mail recently, Understanding Exposure. Still haven't read too far into that one but it should make more sense now that I have my new camera. I would suggest Scott Kelby's The Digital Photography Book if you are looking for good and easy to understand beginners books. I have Volume 1 and 2 but there is a 3rd as well.

They have a tip per page so if like me you have a short attention span due to interruptions from small children, it is perfect. You can learn something really quickly. It's so exciting. After reading a tip in the first of The Digital Photography Books, I have ordered a UV filter to put on the end of each lens. Apparently, if you use a UV filter on the lens it will protect the glass and it is cheaper to replace a filter. Smart.

Next purchase will be a decent camera bag to store it. Any suggestions? It came with one as part of the deal but it's not comfortable to wear. The one that really appeals to me is a Lowepro Passport Sling.

And now that I have sold Canon, books from the Book Depository and Lowepro, I will sign off and say... if anyone from these companies is reading my humble little blog - I want kick backs! :-)

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