Thursday, September 9, 2010

Box cubby house

When we went to buy my new camera recently, we also had to buy a new clothes dryer. Our old one had stopped and in the weather we have been having lately, we really needed it. The pleasant side affect of having to buy a new dryer was that it came in a big cardboard box. HOORAY! We do love boxes at our house. Some people look at a really big box and worry about how to get rid of it. We just worry about when we can start the making!

Amelia was on painting detail because the older two were at school.

Box painting

Painting the house

It was a big job and Amelia did get a bit worn out so I helped a little bit too. We used up some bottle of poster paints that we have had for a long time. Blue walls, a purple door and a yellow roof. The yellow roof didn't get finished though because we ran out of paint.

Amelia painting the box

When Amelia was on the pump that night, the kids made flowers to decorate it. They are made from small paper doily's and small patty pans with a round, green sticker in the middle.

Dryer box cubby

Esther and Ellamay decided it needed vines on it too so they used the green stickers to make vines. :-)
Box cubby and the girls

The box house

They have had a lot of fun with it so far. It has been a house, a shop, a change room and a great hiding spot. We might make some curtains for it if we need something to do this week.

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