Monday, September 6, 2010

Felt heart garland

Red felt heart garland

Do you remember the felt heart stitching project that I was working on? It was while I was under the weather last month. Well, I finally took a picture. (I am gradually catching up on my photo taking.) Here it is hanging above our bed. Clever picture. Can't see the unmade bed underneath :-)

Tim decided while I was sick that we needed to do a full scale attack on our bedroom and moved the furniture all around. Our bed use to be right in front of the window and the cold winter air always found a way to creep in. I don't know why we didn't change it years ago! It makes our room so much bigger. We have new curtains now and we hope to change the photos on the wall around.

I made this felt heart garland because it was a quick, pretty thing. I already had the felt and it was so easy to whip this up. I just hope the kids leave it alone. I guess I can just make a new one if it gets wrecked or starts to look a bit worn out. Considering it only cost about $2 to make and only a few hours to stitch, it wouldn't be hard to replace.

And now, our bedroom has lost a considerable amount of weight. (Love that!) We started our spring cleaning a little bit early but it is so good. Now if we could just conquer the rest of the house!

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