Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project 52 - a photo date and others

Tim and me

We have missed more dates. And we had a few that weren't really post worthy. Like watching the federal election count where they didn't get a result (that was a few weeks ago and we only just found out who our Prime Minister is this week!). There was also a date where we researched and booked our accommodation for our road trip holiday that is coming up which finished with me dozing beside Tim at the computer. :-)

This date we decided to do a photo date and try to make it fun since we have been pretty average on the date front for so long.

Date photo 3

I made some speech and thought bubble props out of board and covered it with clear book contact. We used white board markers to write on it.

Date photo 4

Date photo 5

Date photo 2

We both had different ideas on what we should write and I think we got around the wrong way in some of the pictures, but it was still fun.

Date photo 1

Had to add this last one in. Excuse us for kissing on my blog :-)

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