Sunday, August 1, 2010

Under the weather

I have been to the doctors again this week. I have been there so much in the last month I need some sort of rewards card! I have spent the last few days resting as much as possible in hopes of knocking this rotten virus. I tried the 'think you are better and make yourself get on with things' trick which failed miserably. It feels very indulgent to lie in bed for a couple of hours here and there. I just don't do that. I have been coughing so much I really haven't slept. But the staying still thing has been nice.

While sitting up in bed I have been stitching. Something I haven't done in a while. Ruby red acrylic felt hearts. It is so satisfying to stitch up felt. I will post a photo of the finished product soon.

Amelia has come down with something in the last few days too. High temp and miserable. She has been snuggled up in bed beside me while I have been resting. She doesn't usually have day time sleeps anymore, but she has been this week. I am hoping that the temperature has finally left her today. She has been asking if she can go shopping with me so that must be a good sign. :-)

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