Thursday, February 10, 2011


Damaged web

Hi. I'm still around. Just not so much here. I am trying to get some more pictures uploaded so I can get back to the Crisis. So this is just a quick catch up post.

Esther and Ellamay went back to school on Friday. (Ridiculous day to start back - just sayin'). Already they are starting to get to sleep just a little better which is a relief. The next couple of weeks will be a little interrupted for them with different appointments and things happening so I will try (ha!) not to let their school stuff stress me out too much until we are properly into the routine.

Tim, Amelia and I went to the Big Building on Friday also to see a different CF specialist. All good reports which was a relief. Amelia is doing well. She is back on her pink medicine for a cough but I am sure that won't take long to sort out again.

We have had more rain here. There was more flooding on the weekend, it wasn't as bad as previously. We could still get into town. The rain has made it bug central around here. Mozzie's are terrible little dive bombers and there are crickets and all manner of creepy crawlies getting about. Blerk. And spiders! I just have to walk outside and all of a sudden I start jumping around like a silly girl because I've walked straight into a web! There are webs everywhere. Everyone does that silly dance don't they? Webs do make for pretty photos which is nice (if you haven't destroyed them from walking through them of course).

Stuff I am in the middle of at the moment - school hair accessories for Esther and Ellamay, clearing out my mid-craft pile (even throwing away or giving away), trying to finish up some mid-craftiness and being inspired for Easter. Shh... don't tell anyone. Doing Easter stuff in February is a bit early don't you think? Anyway, since the kids are back to school, I am hoping to get back to my other life. The one where I can actually have a turn on the computer, get things done around the house (a little bit) and do some fun stitching or crafty stuff (a whole lot).

Enjoy the rest of the week and hopefully I will be back soon with some cool stuff we have been doing lately.

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