Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cardboard box kitchen love

Amelia cooking in the play kitchen

I love a bit of love for my blog. More on that in a minute. 

I have been a bit absent lately because we have had lots going on. Esther and Ellamay both went to hospital for a day to get grommets in their ears (finally! YEAH! They have had trouble for years) and so there was a little bit of stress leading up to that and then the recovery time afterwards. Also, I am on a mission to help our house lose some serious weight. We are approaching Autumn and with every season I get frustrated with our little house and try to get rid of stuff. Of course, in the past it has been thwarted by lots of other things. Mainly because I am easily distracted by all the pretty things I can make. This time though I am determined to achieve. So far, so good. I am losing interest though because I haven't made anything exciting for a while now. I am having creative with drawl.

Anyway, back to the blog love. I was pretty excited to find that my box kitchen has been featured alongside eight other very cool play kitchens. I have been featured on Craft Gossip before for my play farm fences. That was quite a while ago now. I have just been thinking about making some more things for that set again. Ideas are always stewing while I am doing other things. Go on over to see the other cool kitchens that are featured. I do love a play kitchen :-) Much more fun than the real thing :-)

Also, if you would like to see the first cardboard box kitchen I made, you can see it here. As we live in a small house, with only a corner of the living area for playing, the play kitchens only stay as long as they are played with and then out they go. Now that the weather is cooling down and we will be inside more, it looks like it might be time for a new one :-)

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