Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paper town

Paper house

In some of our Esther, Ellamay and Mummy time, we made this house and cars. I found this paper craft site called Canon Creative Park. It has heaps of great paper craft stuff on there. The kids and I decided to go with the Craft town option. We printed the pages out and I cut it all out after the kids were in bed. We spent our time together the next day, folding and gluing it all together. Now they want to make some more things to go with it. I have printed out the school but only half cut it out. Just as well we only have cheap ink in our printer is all I can say. :-)

I want to make quite a few things off this site. I found a cool camera that holds a photo and a matryoshka doll that I would love to make. Though the doll takes 17 pages plus 6 pages of instructions. I will have to make sure we have plenty of ink before I start that one.

Light tent play

I wanted to add this photo in to show you my photo tent that I got for Christmas. I ordered it. I am responsible for the fact that it is ridiculously huge. I need to work out how to use it best now. I think my lamps are not quite right. It's still pretty fun though. I can add it to my growing collection of stuff for photography that I am not entirely sure how to use. :-)

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  1. Love the paper town.
    Wow on the photo tent. I never knew there was such a thing.