Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kite flying

After school on Wednesday, there was the slightest breath of wind and Amelia decided she wanted to go kite flying. Esther and Ellamay got these octopus kites for a birthday or Christmas and they don't come out much because we never remember to take them with us when we go to good kite flying locations and because we have power lines just outside our yard.

Esther flying a kite

Amelia flying a kite

Ellamay flying a kite

Esther in uniform

Ellamay kite flying

Ellamay and Kite

Ellamay in school colours

Esther kite flying

Amelia and Kite

Esther up on trampoline

Aside from a few issues because Amelia doesn't have her own kite, it was quite fun. Esther jumped on the trampoline while Amelia had a turn of her kite. Sometimes there is harmony amongst our children :-).

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