Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tshirt makeover

Tshirt before the bird

Here is the tshirt makeover I told you about in my last post. Amelia had worn it once or twice and then this happened. She had been painting, wearing an art smock like a good little girl. She took it off, got all washed up and then came back to check her wet art works. These things happen all the time with kids but I have never done anything about it before. The stained clothing just becomes 'at home' stuff or only gets worn underneath other things. This time I thought I would try fixing it.

Birdie tshirt

Using some old baby clothes, tshirt scraps and another scrap (from Amelia's drawing book) I made this birdie on a branch. It was just going to be a birdie but then I discovered the paint at the bottom and side of the shirt so I had to think up something else. I have never done this before and I figured it looked simple enough but it was a bit tricky. I think my sewing machine is in need of a work out! It hasn't been out of the cupboard for quite a while. :-(


I hand stitched the legs. They are kind of funny. Whatever. It is still cool. What do you think? Esther and Ellamay have decided that they want some tshirts now that have pictures on them so I guess I will have to get this tshirt making thing figured out. Meanwhile, do you recognise the birdie? I used the same pattern as I did to make the eraser stamp back in June. June... that was a good craft month...

Anyway, I think I will have to google around and see if I can find some tutorials on doing tshirts like this to see if I am doing it right.

Have a great weekend :-)


  1. Looks fantastic, best thing to do when appliquing is to use Visoflix (sp) or a heat bonding agent that you iron on to your piece , peel off the back then iron onto shirt, makes it sooo much easier, flatter and stronger.
    LOVE the bird though!

  2. I did use some of that stuff but it is a really thin kind and the kids have been using the roll to sword fight with. Some how I don't think it was working the way it should. :-) I will try again some time.