Saturday, November 6, 2010

What do you do with a pile of coloured paper?

Well, if you are our kids, there is a lot of things you can do.  Amelia has started back on the pump with a new (wonder) drug and it is having a fantastic affect on her lungs. And of course, pump time means craft time. I put out a pile of coloured paper, scissors and sticky tape and here's the results. Esther and Ellamay had been to school and learnt about the Melbourne Cup as it was Cup Day. They made Cup related paper things.

Esther in paper hat

Here is Esther sporting her paper jockey helmet (don't think that would be a very safe option) and first place ribbon. I love that she wrote Esther One!

Ellamay and her paper Cup

Ellamay is wearing her jockey helmet too and holding her replica of the Melbourne Cup. So clever :-)


This is something that Amelia made just as she finished on the pump. To be perfectly honest I am not really sure what it is. She was singing into it at one stage like a microphone but she told me it wasn't one. Amelia made a lovely book with pictures (strange cut out shapes) stuck in with sticky tape but I couldn't find it to get a picture of. It was a pretty cute all covered in sticky tape. I saw it floating around her bedroom earlier so obviously it has made it into the pile of treasures. At least she got her photo taken with her microphone/whatever. And it is her favourite colour GREEN :-)

Expect to see a few more kids crafts coming up that the kids are making on the pump. And if you have any suggestions for them let me know.

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