Monday, November 15, 2010

Making monkeys

Pump time, craft time again. We made monkeys. I love these! They are so cute. I found the monkey craft on Busy Bees Kids Crafts website. I found quite a few cool things on there that we will have to try.

Amelia making a monkey

These photos were taken after Amelia had finished on the pump. We start our crafts while she is one the pump and then in theory they should be about done by the time Amelia is finished. The new drug Amelia is on means she has a new mask to use and it is heavier than the one she used before. I have to help her hold it otherwise she wouldn't keep it on.

Ellamay and Amelia making monkeys

Esther with a monkey on her shoulder

Amelia and her monkey

This craft kept the girls very entertained. After making their monkeys, they set about customising them. Esther gave hers a mullet, Amelia didn't think hers needed a tail and Ellamay gave her monkey an extra long curly tail. Then there was branch making for the monkeys to hang from and a whole lot of laughing when the monkeys would end up on shoulders and backs.


I would like to do this one again some time. Except with a lot more monkeys. More the merrier.

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  1. my kids will love this craft--and what a cute way to use up some of our pipe cleaners!