Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paper leaves on cardboard trees

The 3 trees

Here is what was made with all those paper leaves I cut out and showed you the other day. The 3 girls made these while Amelia had pump time. I cut the trees out from scrap photo mat board and slotted them together. Then the kids just used some glue to stick the leaves on. I think it's funny how different they all turned out.

Esther's tree

Esther lined up all her leaves nice and neatly.

Ellamay's tree

Ellamay went around the edge with the leaves and then started filling in the centre. She decided that the leaves were like petals and so she made flowers to stick on too.

Amelia's tree

Amelia was very random. She seemed more interested in painting the glue on that actually getting the leaves on :-)

We might add some flowers or apples to them if we do a take 2 with them. I also thought about getting the girls to make a little swing out of pipe cleaners and then cut out a little person to sit on it. That would be cool too don't you think? Wish I'd thought of that the other day when I was getting them all ready to make.

We also used a lot of the leaves the next night on the pump because the girls decided to make green flowers. Sorry no photos of that. They made them up like Ellamay's flower (in her tree photo). After the 'petals' were stuck together like a flower, the girls stuck them to drinking straws for a stem. They looked great. Now I am under orders to cut up lots of coloured paper to make petals so we can make more colourful bunches of flowers.

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