Monday, November 8, 2010

Felt Christmas decorations

Felt Christmas houses

Christmas houses

Felt Christmas trees

I have got Christmas on the brain lately. I really want to get making Christmas stuff and feel like I am organised this year. I say that every year. Oh well, I can dream. I am a bit earlier than usual but how can I help it when the shops have had their Christmas stuff out since the end of September or something ridiculous like that.

These are some decorations I started making last year. I never quite got to finish them. Such a surprise to not be finished something! Maybe I will get them done this year. I was thinking about getting the sewing machine out and just stitching them onto cards. Might be a quicker way to finish them. Plus, that would be cute don't you think?

I have been digging around the hard drive and found some photos from the last couple of years of Christmas things so I will share those in the next few weeks.

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