Friday, October 15, 2010

Amelia's 3rd birthday

Amelia and birthday present

Amelia's 3rd birthday was last month. She was really excited to be turning 3 and is just at the age where she really remembers and enjoys getting all the presents. (Don't you love the bed hair?)

Ladybug cake face

As I showed yesterday, I made Amelia a lady bug cake. Here is where the inspiration came from. A cheap wind-up toy we have.

Amelia and her ladybug cake

Amelia got all shy when we sang happy birthday to her. So cute.

Amelia with her new instruments

Amelia got lots of cool presents and as you can see, wasn't sure what to play with first.

3 little bugs

I made the three girls their own buggie headbands (find the tutorial and other cool bug party ideas here). I was hoping to do more bug type stuff for Amelia's birthday but it just got too busy. :-( Not that it matters. She had lots of fun anyway.

Amelia and her buggy headband

Our cute 3 year old bug. You are our super brave girl!

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