Friday, July 2, 2010

Project 52 - 3 more dates

I am not keeping up with the posting of the dates so here are three together.

Date 22 -
During the week I had been sick and Ellamay was quite sick too. And it was Esther and Ellamay's 6th birthday so I was blank on date planning. We ended up watching a favourite movie again (the same as we watched for Date 5). We gave each other foot massages and talked.

Date 23 -
I was still trying to shake this cold and was feeling pretty overwhelmed after a tough couple of weeks. Tim started us off by drawing more houses and talking houses again. It quickly turned into time for me to have a cry and talk through all the stuff that had been happening. Tim is so wonderful and it helps to talk out things with him.

Date 24 -
Our latest date was short and sweet (ha). We made honeycomb. Yum. Tim did the stirring and I did the recipe reading, not there is much to read out. We used this recipe. While we made the honeycomb there was a Bond movie on the TV in the background. I am not a Bond fan, but Tim wanted to watch it. It was quite funny though. It was one of the older ones and terribly predictable.

Let's hope this week I can think up something good and actually post it on here a bit quicker!

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