Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project 52 - The fifth date and the sixth date

The fifth date - I had another headache. I have been getting a lot lately. We decided to continue on with the date anyway. Since I was feeling so... dull again, we decided to watch a movie. Another DVD Tim had gotten for his birthday. The Dish. A fantastic movie. (Check out this trailer on YouTube) We laughed out loud for the first half and then I got a bit dozy by the end. I should clarify though, we have seen it quite a few times. It wasn't the movie that was dull.

The sixth date - It's now my turn to come up with the dates for the next month. I was really struggling to settle on a plan. The last couple of weeks I have been struggling to keep up with everything. It's been so busy chasing after kids and school activities, and endless fighting to get kids to go to sleep at night, not to mention the contant house work stuff. We had a trip down to the big building with Amelia and Tim's work hours have been long of late.

After all that, I decided that it was about time I did something for Tim. He does so much for me. I gave Tim a back massage. Tim is a sales rep and is in his truck for many hours a day. He also does a lot of lifting so he is always happy to get a massage. So it was him that got dozy for a change! He talked all about work and the fire brigade and the kids and our house and anything. I tried to listen. Sometimes (often) I like to say my piece too and it becomes me talking and Tim listening. So I tried to stay quiet.

That about covers it. I had hoped by this stage in Project 52 that things would have settled into some kind of date night routine... as in it would be easier to make the date time work, but it hasn't. I guess it's really about making time for this - even when it's hard to. I have a few ideas for the next dates so I hope I can get sorted a bit better for the seventh.


  1. the dish looked liked a good movie. we'll have to check that one out. i'm glad you are still making project 52 a priority. nathan fell asleep on our friday night before we played yahtzee. so i guess we are just all sleep deprived parents looking for some alone time together. :) thanks for keeping up with the date nights. we'll see you next week!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  2. I completely agree when you say it's about making time to do the dates even when it's hard. I'm soooo tired by Friday nights but don't want to disappoint my husband. Hang in there!