Monday, July 26, 2010

Amelia on the pump

Amelia has to do this twice a day. It is part of her treatment for CF. She has a strong dose of saline solution in the pump (nebuliser) to help break up the mucus build up in her lungs and help her to cough. That is beneficial to her health. Not very fun though. Asking an almost 3 year old to stay still long enough to be on there is a stretch so we have to find fun stuff to entertain her.

I love buttons and turns out so do our kids! Amelia sorts them, stirs them, pours them and, much to my dismay, throws them. But it keeps her happy.

Until she gets sick of that mask on her face and then she pulls it off and that is pretty much the end of it. Amelia needs to be on the pump for between 5-10 minutes at a time and even though that doesn't seem long, she needs a lot of entertaining in that time.

Aside from button play, we do drawing with "Mummy's special pens", box constructions (which really just involves Amelia sticking heaps of sticky tape to random cereal and biscuit boxes) and of course, the glitter glue.

Last week we went to the big building (Royal Children's Hospital) again for Amelia's regular check up. It was our best visit ever, I think. The specialist said that we could take Amelia off the antibiotics she had been on for about 3 months (HOORAY) and that we can gradually take her off the pump. On top of that, Amelia's health generally is great at the moment and she has put on about a kilo in a couple of months. Winter has been a lot kinder to her this year.

I am playing catch up with house work (blerk) today and also trying to declutter our bedroom. Have a great day.

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