Friday, July 9, 2010

Glitter glue

At the entrance to the shopping centre I often go to is a Riot Art and Craft shop. I hate it. Mainly because I can't walk past it without going in for a look around. The other day I went in to see what was on offer and was completely overjoyed with my discovery.

This glitter glue was on sale for $2.99 a bottle, down from $9.99. GASP!

I already had these two which I had bought on sale a few months ago but not as cheap as $2.99. The reason this discovery was so exciting is because when Amelia has to go on the pump, we use glitter glue to entertain her. She can use it and make beautiful sparkly pictures and there is no water or paint that can be split on the carpet or worse still, the pump itself.

We were using these great packs (above) and some different cheap stuff (which didn't work very well) but it was a rather expensive exercise. Last winter, everywhere I went I was on the look out for glitter glue. We would often use a whole packet of glitter glue in one session on the pump so my supplies weren't lasting long.

Great timing for a bargain as Amelia is just starting back on her saline treatment again (finally) so we needed to stock up. So it's back to finding glitter all over the house, on clothes and all over the basin in the bathroom! Everyone needs a little bit of sparkle though, don't they?

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