Monday, July 5, 2010

Twirling wands

Trying to find things to make on school holidays can be a bit of a problem. The kids are usually pretty happy if you give them a pile of boxes, paper and sticky tape but sometimes they like an actually project. Now this one is probably a bit of a stretch to call a project but whatever. It took two minutes to make and the rest of the afternoon to play with. Good crafting!

I found a packet of these party favour wands at the Reject Shop. They were $2. I already had some crepe paper streamers at home.

The kids picked out which colour streamers they wanted and we just tied them onto the end of the wand. We did try threading them through the star but that didn't work too well. Then they pranced, played and danced around the house. Happy kids. Yah! Some streamers got ripped and so they decided to do that. Rip their streamers that is. So we suddenly had screwed up streamer pretend food and decorations in their rooms and shredded streamers everywhere.

And still, happy kids. I got out a new DVD to go with their prancing too. The girls are very into their Barbie DVDs.

I could probably sing all the songs now. I start singing them while I am doing things around the house. Then I realise I am singing them so I stop and hope that Tim hasn't noticed :-)

Only one more week before school starts. I am hoping to post some more kids crafts before the end of the holidays. I have emptied out all the stray papers, worn out box constructions and forgotten creations from last week so we can start fresh for this week.

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