Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday girls

If you have been reading this month, you would already know that it was Esther and Ellamay's birthday's at the start of June. And you would already know that I am trying to catch up on the Crisis here. So, better late than never, here are some birthday pictures.

Esther opening her first present of the morning.

Ellamay with her new princess basket. I think that is an impressed face, don't you?

They didn't spend the day in their pj's - this is at dinner time with their birthday cupcakes.

I have visions of making glorious cakes for their birthday's each year, but time is never on my side. Probably by the time I have the time to make cakes as glorious as I want to, it will be very uncool.

Ellamay was quite sick during the whole week of her birthday which is why everything was delayed. I am happy to say that after that week she improved and is nice and healthy again.

The drawing sets and baskets were very successful and have been getting a lot of use. I found another basket at the Reject Shop in their clearance bins marked down to $1 so I will be saving that one up to remake too. I will have to keep the drawing sets in mind for other kids birthday's too. Their friends at school really liked them. 

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