Monday, June 7, 2010

Paper shoe

In our extended family, we have five birthday's in June and four birthday's in July. Esther and Ellamay's birthday makes up two of the June birthdays but all the other birthday's are for the grown ups. Now I don't know what everyone else in the world does for birthdays but it can be a pain to work out what people want. Especially when they can generally just go out and buy what they want themselves. So we usually just give cash.

Occasionally, I decide that the cash should be presented in some very cool way. The other night, I made this paper shoe for my brother-in-law's wife. (Hi). I just rolled up the cash and tied it with some pretty ribbon. I ended up enlarging the original slightly, just because it seemed too small. Go here to find the templates and pictures. I am sorry to tell you that it started life as a witches shoe... It's so much prettier here. And I had no idea that witches got around in peep-toe shoes anyway!

I thought I would just add a couple of links to some great templates for boxes that can be used for party favours or making you look clever when you are giving cash as a birthday present ;-) I haven't tried the cupcake one yet but the other site is fantastic and I have used a few of them. I use them for treats on the Christmas lunch table.

Cupcake box template here
Lots of different box and card templates here

In other news, it is Esther and Ellamay's birthday this week and I have sick girls. I hope they are better soon. Ellamay is worst, poor little thing. She keeps saying that this is "the worst day in my whole life". She is asleep on the couch at the moment. It would be nice if she woke up feeling a little better. If not, perhaps we will postpone their birthday for a couple of days.

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  1. That shoe is all kinds of awesome-pretty ! Thanks for the link to the template and a new look for it- hard to decide which I like best.

    Hope your girls feel better soon. It really ranks to be sick so close to their birthday, poor dears. Luckily birthdays are adjustable !