Saturday, June 26, 2010

Easy decorated book for kids

We had a last minute birthday party for Esther and Ellamay this week. It was really just a play and party food. Anyway, I was trying to come up with something for them to do to keep them entertained at the last minute. Having decided only two days before hand I didn't really have much time to do anything really amazing.

I have a pile of exercise books in the cupboard that I buy up on in January at back to school sale time. I got five books for 5 cents! Can't go wrong there. I covered the books in some plain white paper the night before. I gave the kids some of my special scrapbook stickers, bling, flowers and paper cutouts. I also gave them some permanent markers which they love to use but only get to use at special times.

It was a big hit! The five little girls loved making their own special books. When they had finished decorating them, I gave them all a plastic cover to put over their special books. I got the plastic exercise covers in a packet of five from Big W. Their books looked really special then. They were so excited about them. What a relief! I never really know if kids are going to like what I have in mind.

One of the little girls decided she really needed a pen holder in her book. Using a piece of felt and elastic we made a band that stretched around the cover. I just cut some slits for the elastic to slide through and a bigger slit for the pen. Not sure how long they will last but the little girl was really impressed. She said I was really good at making things. Which, of course, made me feel like a pretty clever person. The photo above is Amelia's book. I didn't manage to get photo's of the others because the older girls have been busy using them.

A very successful crafting time really. We will be doing this again. I bought a lot of those books so we will be set for a long time!

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