Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fabric name badges

I think I may have just worked out how to upload photos from flickr to blogger!!! Round of applause people!!! I have been getting frustrated with this whole blogging thing since I started and now... perhaps I will be able to get things moving along a bit easier. Hip Hooray!

Esther and Ellamay have been getting stressed at school because people are getting them confused. Everyone. All the time. Yes, they are twins. It can't be that hard to tell them apart though surely, they wear two different uniforms. Well, actually. We get them mixed up too. Which is frustrating because they are just so different and we are their parents! Aaaaaaanyway...

I have made them some name badges in hopes that if they wear them to school, it might give everyone a clue to who's who.

I had visions of buying a badge maker off ebay, coz, we're sure to need more badges aren't we? The price was WAY out of the price range. I thought about using large self cover buttons but I would have to wait to go into town to get them so I came up with this instead.

I cut disks out of scrap photo mat board (extremely useful stuff). Glued on a circle of felt to pad it a little and cut the edges so I could stretch it neatly over the back.

I traced the disk using a disappearing ink pen (I have only just discovered how cool these are) onto the fabric, and then wrote the name on. I used 6 strands of embroidery cotton to stitch the name. (Didn't take a photo of that.)

I sewed the edge of the circle of fabric a bit like making a yo-yo and then attached a brooch bar. 'Scuse the messy stitching. I am an impatient stitcher and it's the back anyway.

Ta-da. I am so clever. (The photo got cut off a bit - oops). Of course, Ellamay decided that she needed to add a full stop to the end of her name with black texta. And Amelia decided that Ellamay's needed some other colours on it so took to it with texta as well. At least they got one wear out of them. I will try to rub it off, it's not too bad. I might unpick them (if I can be bothered) and replace the mat board with plastic canvas. Then they would be washable.

There you have it. A really long post about something crafty with pictures and everything. I am currently working on the Angel for my resurrection set (almost done that) and the next little bag for the birthday present. And some more hair clips. And I really want to start a stitching project...


  1. This is so cute! Thanks for the tutorial! Replacing the board with a washable material is a clever idea.

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