Thursday, March 4, 2010

More felt food


Cupcakes here

Eggs here . Bacon - I just drew a few wavy lines, cut a pattern and bam! Bacon!

Cookies - Circles of tan felt with free hand cut pieces of brown felt cross stitched on. Blanket stitched together and stuffed.

Here is some of the felt food I have made. I would still like to make more. The kids haven't been playing with it as much lately though.
It's all made from craft felt. Some of it is pretty straight forward to make with no actual tutorials that I followed. I am sure if you google around you can find anything though. There is also more photos and links here of the food set I made for a birthday present.

I made lot's of sets of cookies last year for the girls kindergarten friends birthday's. They were a great hit.

I really want to make a cake like this. Perhaps I can work towards that for Esther and Ellamay's birthday in June.

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  1. You've made such lovely treats here - I especially love the donuts, how good are they!!
    Thankyou so much for your lovely comment too Glenyce,