Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cute little bag

Here is my latest finished project. Wow! Another finished project! I am doing well lately. It's just like the little bags I made Esther, Ellamay and Amelia for Christmas. It was a birthday present for a school friend. I love how the yo-yo embellishment looks. Cute! I think I might make something like that for my hair. (I love hair things at the moment). This bag turned out better than the previous ones because I left a longer space at the top of the side stitching. It means now that it is all sewn together, it has a bigger opening.
I have another one of these bags to finish for another of the girls school friends before the end of March. I will have to post some pictures of that too. You know, just to prove that I have actually completed yet another project. I am usually great at starting these things... not so great at finishing. :)
I hope to get some photo's of some hair clips and head bands I have been making lately. I am also in search of some Easter crafts to make. This year I thought I would have a go at making a Resurrection Set, something like this one. I can't find any tutorials or kits anywhere. It would be great to have a decoration like a Christmas nativity but for Easter. I have started it. Just as well Easter is still a little while away is all I can say!

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