Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Christmas stuff

I do like to take photos of things and it's especially satisfying when it's something I have made... and finished!
These little bags I made for Esther, Ellamay and Amelia for Christmas last year. I used this tutorial. I found some metal bangles at The Reject Shop in a pack for about $1.50 and used them instead of plastic ones like the tutorial suggests. I finished them with fabric yo-yo's and buttons. They are very cute, I think!

I used the same bangles to make ribbon twirlers. I wrapped them in strips of scrap polar fleece to pad them out. Then, I wrapped them in ribbon and finished by stitching on some lengths of ribbon. Ta-da! Ribbon twirler! Made our 3 princesses (or ballerinas - depending on the mood) very happy.

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