Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sewing machine lessons

Esther and Ellamay have been craving Mummy time without Amelia around. Now that Amelia is back to daycare again for a couple of days a week, we have managed some. Aside from going out shopping with me, they really wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine. Now I was a bit stressed about doing this. I knew it would be a bit difficult to have the two of them wanting to learn at the same time. (One of the joys of twins, I guess). I didn't really think 6 and a half was old enough and was worried about them hurting themselves. I got over it though. Well, not really but if they want to learn, I should teach them.

Esther sewing


Ellamay sewing


They sewed ten lines each. Considering it was their first attempt, they sewed super straight. I told them to line the foot up next to the last lot of stitching. Some of it went a bit wonky because of this but they were pretty good. Esther and Ellamay were worn out from the concentration after they were done. Next time I told them they could make a draw-string bag. They are pretty excited about that though I am not sure when will be squeezing that in. School starts back on the 4th of Feb. (Hurrah!).