Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chipmunk pencil tubes

Chipmunk pencil tubes

How do you like our new pencil holders? We made them after I saw this post over on One Crafty Mumma. It is actually a tutorial on making silts out of tin cans but I didn't have any cans on hand. I decided to use a cardboard postage tube which is a very handy crafting item! (Remember the barbie chairs?) Anyway, I used a disc of photo mat board and hot glued it onto the base. I cut up the felt from the pattern and the girls picked the colours for the background. All in their own colours of course! Green for Amelia, pink for Esther and purple for Ellamay. I went with yellow. I was really excited to make this because I have quite a huge pile of craft felt to conquer before I can justify going and buying anymore - I want a stash of quality wool felt. I had to help Amelia with hers but Esther and Ellamay put there's together by themselves. We just used a marker to do the eyelashes.

Felt making time

After we were done the girls did some more crafting with the left over felt. It was a hot day so we spent it out working on the outdoor setting. Today it's been raining and the kids have been working out there again. It is really a good spot for them to work.

Head over to One Crafty Mumma to see the Hip Hip Hooray for Holidays series and get some great ideas to keep the kids entertained.

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