Saturday, January 15, 2011


Local flood waters

This is just a giant puddle by comparison to the flooding that is happening around parts of Australia. The sky turned blue today here for the first time in days. It has been raining constantly and the puddles were getting bigger and bigger. Coming home from town today was an experience I would not like to repeat. Flooded roads, fast approaching too deep to pass. Tonight, Tim is out helping with sandbagging homes near the river. They expect the floods in this area to peak tomorrow. We are high enough but people close to the river and creeks have a nervous wait. And so I am blogging instead of sleeping. Because who can sleep when there is so much happening.

It has been great to see on the news tonight that the Australian spirit is alive and well and people are coming from all directions to assist in the clean up in Queensland. So much loss and devastation and yet perfect strangers are stepping in and lending a hand. I am so glad to be Australian.

I came across this post over at Meet me at Mike's all about different ways we can help out with the effort. Go over and see if you can help out. Thanks.

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