Monday, January 18, 2010

'There it is' hair ribbon

I am feeling proud of myself. I have just made myself a new head band. Ain't it cute? Can you see it properly? Trust me - it's cute.

I used all these things to make it. I measured the headband I had for a general size. These are all supplies I have bought from Woolworth's and Big W. I don't get much chance for Spotlight or craft shops. I buy a lot of stuff when I am grocery shopping - you'd be surprised what you can find if you look! That Fray Stop is great stuff to put on the ends of ribbon. It's sort of like watered down glue. It soaks into the fabric and holds it together.
I hope to make some more head bands like this in different colours and make some bows on hair pins and some fabric flowers for head bands and pins. I will be doing well on my Resolutions if I can get some flowers in my hair!

I am completely uncoordinated when it comes to styling my hair, so 'there it is', are my favourite styles. As in, brush, head band - 'There it is'!

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