Friday, July 29, 2011

Matchbox cameras and party craft

I love that when the kids friends come over now, it is just expected that they will be making something. I always wanted to be a mum like that. And what do you know? I am here. So it was natural that we would be doing some kind of crafts while Esther and Ellamay's (un)party was on. I started with the photo booth idea, which lead me to camera's, which seemed like a good theme. Here I was "planning" an (un)party and I now had a theme. Typical. Anyway, this is the main craft we did. It was a big hit.

Matchbox camera party craft

We used a matchbox, ribbon, card stock, scrap paper, double sided tape and scrapbooking bling.

Matchbox camera back

Matchbox camera photos

I cut out some scraps of white card to fit the tray of the matchbox so the kids could draw their own "photos" onto them.

"Say Cheese"

"Say cheese!"

Other (un)party crafts we did were decorating photos mounted on mat board. We used stickers, markers and bling for that one. I had photos of all the kids from another play day together and had them printed for everyone. That was very exciting to everyone because it was pictures of another fun time together. :-)
As a stand by, I printed some frames from here onto A4 sheets and then everyone could make their own masterpiece that was already in a frame. I am keeping a few of these on hand. You never know when someone will need to create a framed artwork.


  1. Oh....precious! Too cute. Pinning this right away.

  2. That's such a gorgeous picture of Mila :)

  3. Soo cute! Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mom! :)