Monday, July 18, 2011

A little fabric situation

I have been having a little fabric situation. More of a big situation. I seem to have suddenly accumulated a lot of fabric. It was falling down out of the shelves and the big plastic box that I was using for storage was suddenly full too. It sounds like I have been buying up on it too much doesn't it. I will admit I have probably bought a bit extra lately. I have been sewing more too. (I was anyway.)

I saw this great idea to make mini fabric bolts. Mine are quite so neatly cut. I think they still look pretty good though.
Fabric storage

Fabric storage again

I used foam board for the bigger pieces of fabric and small mat board for the fat quarters. I am not done yet. I still have some more to wrap around their new home but it already makes me feel like I have achieved something with the mess. I guess I will just leave the scrappy bits in a box for the moment until I can work out what to do with it.

Once it's all done, then I can go and buy some more...
Have a great week

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