Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photo booth fun

For Esther and Ellamay's birthday, they had some friends over for a little (un)party. See, it wasn't really going to be a proper party. There was no cute invitations. No party games planned. No big lead up. I just planned with my friend (who happens to be the mother of the kids friends - convenient, yes?) to have 3 of her kids over, if every one was healthy and we weren't busy.

My (un)party idea got out of hand of course because how can I look at all the cute stuff on the internet and not get inspired to just make a little bit of stuff? Okay, so I might have went a little overboard. Especially for an (un)party. It's what I do. I planned some making things for the kids to do.

I thought a photo booth would be fun too. I saw these photo booth props linked on facebook. I spent the tedious task of sticking them onto mat board and cutting them out. In hindsight, cereal boxes probably would have done the job... but they were pretty sturdy which is what you need with bouncy kids playing with them.

My 3 photo booth darlings

Esther disguised photo booth style

Ellamay singing

They went over well, although I think more fun was had with them after the kids left and the grown ups had a turn. :-)

Photo booth Mila with choc moustache

Turns out chocolate malt sticks work as moustache's too.

I will get around to posting the crafts at some point too.

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