Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hi. I am still here. Just trying to catch up on life again. You will be happy to know that Amelia is continuing to improve and is much happier now than two weeks ago. Phew! Anyway, I am posting some catch up photos here. We have had a lot of rain here lately. Especially two weeks ago just before Amelia went to hospital. Flooding rains. A lot of people would know what I am talking about here in Victoria (even some other states too). The drought has definitely broken. One extreme to the other.

Water over road

Water across the road

Roads flooded.

Damaged river bridge

Bridges washed away.


Rivers flooded.

Splashed on car window

We don't live too close to any flood plains and we are not farmers. It was looking a bumper year for them. And now if their crops haven't been flooded they have been damaged by the rain. I feel badly for them but I must admit I am fascinated by the flooding. And the kids - they have not seen anything like it in their lifetimes. There is more rain coming. Looks like it might be quite a wet Christmas. Full of big puddles and mosquitoes.

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