Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reindeer Candy Canes

Candy cane reindeer

We made these so the kids could hand them out to their classmates when they handed out their Christmas cards. Don't they look kind of scary cute? I think it's the ones with the big googly eyes. They look kind of crazy.

Stunned candy cane reindeer

You have probably seen this craft around before. We just used red stickers for their noses though instead of the red pom pom that seems to be popular out there. And the ever useful, double sided tape to stick the eyes on. Ooh, they are watching me :-)

Reindeer pipe cleaner face :-)

After we finished, Esther decided to make some reindeer antlers and I think a Rudolf nose. It's amazing what ideas our kids come up with. It makes me so happy to know they can make things like this.

Just in case you wanted some more ideas for candy canes you could try these.
Very cute candy cane reindeer (using 5 candy canes and that actually stand up!) here.
Candy cane mice here.
Candy cane snowmen here.
Candy cane hearts here.

And I really want to try this recipe using candy canes... maybe this year. Peppermint bark here.

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